5 Bizarre Ingredients Used in Facials

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Nightingale Excrement, Viper Venom, Snail Slime, Placental Extracts and Caviar Fish Eggs are all ingredients used in Facials, read more about them and what Octavias uses to achieve the same or better effect.


Nighting Gail Bird

Nightingale Excrement

  • Commonly used in “The Geisha Facial”, why they use this? Nightingale Excrement is high in Uric acid, which gives the skin a healthy and radiant glow.
  • What we use: Glycolic Acid in our Optiphi Rejuvenation facial which completely resurface and re-texturizes the skin creating a healthy and radiant glow.

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Viper Venum

Viper Venom                                  

  • Commonly used in “Botox”, why they use this? Viper Venom has a paralysing effect which stuns the skin and prevents future wrinkles.
  • What we use: Demathox in our Optiphi Eye Signs active gel, which is an anti wrinkle peptide, it reduces depth of wrinkles on the skin.

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Snail Slime                                        

  • Commonly used in “Chilean Facials”, why they use this? Snail slime is a natural anti-inflammatory, as well as works well on Acne scaring and burn wounds.
  • What we use: Retinol in our Rejuvenating revitalizer, and Ageless active gel from Optiphi, which heals acne scarring; it is a normalizing vitamin and regulates oil as well as speeding up cell renewal.

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Placental Extracts                              

  • Commonly used in “Facial cosmetics”, why they use this? Placental Extracts nourishes the skin and promotes stimulation of tissue growth.
  • What we use: Retinol, Trihomeotide & Synthetide in our Optiphi Dermintense active gel, Rejuvenating revitalizer and Moisture control ultra that stimulates collagen production nourishing and stimulates tissue growth.

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Caviar Fish Eggs                             

  • Commonly used in “facials and Cosmetics”, why they use this? Caviar fish eggs is an amino acid & rich in omega oils, which speeds up skin rejuvenation and produce collagen in the skin.
  • What we use: Caviar Fish Eggs found in our La Prairie skin caviar range which highly nourishes the skin as well as produces an excess amount of collagen to maintain the skins suppleness and reduces the signs of ageing.

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