De Stress

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The healing and de stressing properties of water is a fact known to man since prehistoric times. The very word Spa comes from the name of a town famous for its hot springs. Mineral hot baths were a Roman specialty. De stressing remains essential to every spa treatment as a holistic approach to healing. The high speed, high pressure modern life has refocused on de stressing. Sensorium offers you Flotation therapy followed by intensely relaxing massages, the Roman bath, the sauna followed by massage and shower is an ideal way to de stress. The swirling waters creates an weightless platform for your muscles as herb infused steam and soothing lights melt away your worries. A full session of Flotation is said to be equal of 7 hours of good sleep.

The Equinox package at Soulstice Day Spa tops the list with an hour of flotation therapy to De Stress followed by a Swedish massage and jet spa pool. Flotation therapy may be followed by Rasul mud massage. At Life day spa you will have a Health and fitness assessment by Biokinetisist before embarking on a journey of relaxation and De Stressing that include hot spa, sauna, array of massages and facials. At Renaissance Day Spa, the Swedish massage combines with Flotation therapy, Sulis body wrap, head and shoulder massage, herb fomentation, heated spa pool sauna etc. The Maternity membership focuses on de stressing and overall well being till post natal trimester.

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