Luxury Stone Manicure at the chic Crystal Towers Hotel in Cape Town

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Life Day Spa’s Luxury Stone Manicure at the chic Crystal Towers Hotel in Cape Town.


Life Day Spa Nail Bar

The manicure started with a hand soak to soften my skin for the hand scrub. While my hands are still warm and a slightly damp, my cuticles were gently pushed back, and any snags clipped away.

Once my therapist, Chantelle, was happy with my cuticle situation, she started shaping my nails. She asked me what shape I preferred, and also gave her opinion on which shape would suit my hands best. We settled on short ‘squovals’ (square and rounded at the edges). I can never seem to get all my nails the same shape, but luckily this is her forte, and quickly got them all the exact same length and shape.

Next I was treated to a deep hand massage and relaxing Hot Stone Therapy Massage all the way up to my elbow. You won’t believe how stiff your forearms can feel!

This was followed by a rich paraffin mask being lathered all over my hands, before being popped into warm gloves for a few minutes. Paraffin is amazing for softening and moisturizing, and the hands that came out of the gloves didn’t look like my own.

The nails on my ‘like new’ hands were then thoroughly cleaned with nail polish remover to remove any oily residue from the paraffin to prepare them for the polish.

I was very excited to discover that Life Day Spa Cape Town used OPI products. I’m a huge fan as their polish as it lasts days and days! 

I chose ‘Fly’, a deep teal shade, which Chantelle applied two coats of after the base coat. This was topped off with a coat of high shine top coat that kept my mani bright and chip free for 5 days.

And while I waited for this all to dry, I sat back in the café, gazing at Table Mountain, and sipping on a cappuccino! Bliss!


Emmy Schofield 
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